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Edmonton Chiropractor: Orthopedic Pillows

bad_sleep_posture_pillows.jpgMany people use a pillow that props their head up too high.  This creates a lot of stress on the neck which can lead to neck pain, headaches, and numbness and tingling down your arms.  It can also cause sleep apnea over time.

Remember with a poor night's sleep:

We don't heal as well,
We are more prone to illness,
We age faster,
We learn less,
We develop less,
We make worse decisions,
We accomplish less,
We are less productive,
We are prone to errors and
We undermine our true potential!

The pillow we carry in our centre can help alleviate your sleep problems and give you a more comfortable sleep.

We carry a premium memory foam pillow invented by two retired Registered Nurses from Canada.  We have four sample pillows for our patients to try before they invest money into buying one for themselves.  Click on the Envy Pillow logo below to take you to their website and learn more about the features and benefits of this fantastic pillow.