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Edmonton Chiropractor: Nutrition and Supplements

services_nutrition.pngEating healthy is definitely the foundation to giving your body and mind the nutrition it needs to function well.  In the past two decades a great deal evidence has demonstrated that ingesting certain vitamins and minerals at levels beyond which can be routinely achieved from food alone is associated with a reduction in risk of many degenerative diseases and appears to slow important aspects of the aging process.  Adding good quality nutritional supplements becomes a necessary piece of the puzzle to give your body and mind more energy and the ability to function and heal optimally every day.  It also helps prevent degenerative illness and prolong your life giving you a greater chance of a higher quality of life for a longer period of time.

Browse through the well referenced information provided in this section and see why we trust and chose the products we sell and use ourselves.

Excerpt from the Adëeva website

Adeeva excerpt intro_1.JPG

We also encourage you to take the Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Anti-aging Assessment.  This is a fantastic test that gives you a detailed and quality feedback report on the following:

Dietary Assessment healthtest.JPG
Exercise Participation
Vitamin and Mineral Status
Medication Affecting You Nutrient Status
Personal Health History, Disease Risk Factors