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Wellness Supplement Articles (taken from Adeeva website)  bottles2_300x142.jpg

The following articles, written by Dr. James Meschino DC, MS, ND, will help you gain an appreciation for the science that supports the role of nutrition and targeted supplementation as a means to slow/reverse the aging process and defend against many common degenerative diseases of our time. You may have been told that diet and supplements are not that important to your health. The scientifically referenced articles in this section illustrate that proper diet and targeted supplements can counter the aging process and reduce your risk of important health conditions in ways that drugs cannot.

Some common comments and questions we hear:

  1. Why do I need to take vitamins?  I eat well.
  2. There thousands of supplement brands out there.  How do I know which brand of supplement to choose?
  3. What kinds of supplements should I be taking?
  4. What are essential fatty acids?
  5. My doctor says I don't need vitamins.  They aren't digested properly and pass right through me.

How to Live to 100: The 5 Things You Need To Do Today

How to Choose a Multiple Vitamin

Understanding Essential Fatty Acids: Why the combination of flaxseed, borage seed and fish oil is the optimal blend for your heart, brain, joints, immune system, skin and cancer prevention

Managing Arthritis and Joint Inflammation, Naturally

Nutrition and Supplements in Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

Supporting Your Immune and Detoxification Systems

Natural Supplements Proven to Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides

For more information go to the Adeeva website where you can find lots of other articles, videos, and resources to support you on your quest to eat healthier and supplement.  For a detailed report on your supplementation needs click the logo below.



Also, for more information on supplementation please visit one of the Optimum Health Vitamins health food and supplementation stores in Edmonton or Sherwood Park.  Click on the logo below for more info.