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Edmonton Massage Therapist: Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage can help with a variety of conditions.  Not only can it be extremely relaxing, it improves blood circulation which enhances the healing process.  It is extremely healthy for your muscles, skin and connective tissue.  The following are some of the other benefits Massage Therapy can provide you:


Helps improve mobilization in arthritic joints, muscle and joint injuries and post or pre-surgery patients.

Breathing Problems

People suffering from chronic lung disease,such as asthma, emphysema and bronchitis report eased breathing.


Helps reduce headache intensity and a reduction in medication.  Fewer sleep disturbances will allow a proper amount of sleep.

Chronic Pain Management

Helps manage various causes of pain. Experience significant pain reduction and improved muscle flexibility.

Immune Function

Studies have indicated that massage therapy boosts the immune system and helps fight or prevent infection.


Reduces lower back and pelvic strain, improvescirculation and reduces edema (fluid retention)