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Edmonton Chiropractor: Patient Testimonials and Reviews

Our Patients Share Their Chiropractic Experience

In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care. What has happened with your quality of life since being under chiropractic care?  Thank you for sharing.

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"The past 13 years have been full of struggles due to chronic pain.  I had spinal surgery  in 1994 which left me crippled and unable to walk without the assistance of a cane.  With an extremely high level of pain, unable to work, and barely surviving, all the specialists gave up.  Then I met Dr. Collins.  After 3 sessions I improved so much that I no longer needed my cane, my pain level went way down, and my quality of life improved ten fold.  It has now been almost three months without my cane, and I am walking faster and sitting for longer periods.  My wife finally gets back the man she met 15 years ago.  Thank you Dr. Collins for giving me my life back, miracles do happen."

Chris F. (full-time Father)

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome


Julie W.

                                                                                 David R.

Jamie D.

Back Pain

"Since being under the care of chiropractor for the last two months and some days now, my life has never been the same again. Dr. Collins, my chiropractor is an exceptional person with extra ordinary professional skills in handling clients.  After carefully listening to my ordeal the first day, his response alone gave me hope.  He referred me to few tests to ascertain the source of the problem and when the results of these tests were released, he went through them with me step by step while simplyfying the medical language used.  Then, treatment plan followed.  From the second week of treatment, I started experiencing light changes to my body but I didn't tell the doctor fearing this was an illusion.  However, as I progressed into a month, I couldn't hide the joy.  The chest pain which Dr. Collins called "referred pain" was gone.  I told him, but he was surprised that the improvement came too soon than he had expected.  After completing one month and half in adjustment, my conditions was reviewed and I could see lots of changes in my back from the test taken as compared to when I first took it.  To date, I see Dr. Collins twice a week folllowing his recommendations from the review.  I feel as if I am completely healed.  My life without chiropractic can be equated to living in hell with constant burning pain wrecking my back and chest!  I just can't believe that, my problem is almost ameliorated and good health restored.  I feel a break through!  It's like the Biblical healing miracles."

Akena A.

"The numbness and tingling is completely gone! My lower back pain is almost completely gone - I can lie down and fall asleep now!  I feel my upperback is much stronger and no longer uncomfortable.  Overall I feel much more comfortable in all activities.  I'm sleeping better and feel more awake.  I'm also more conscious of my back as I feel I'm learning more about my body."

Katie (Teacher)

"I didn't sleep for six months from the pain.  The second visit I had with you, I was able to sleep in my own bed.  I had slept in a recliner for six months."


" As a young child I was always angry for no reason.  I was having problems with my back with all the pain.  All my regular doctors said I would grow out of it.  Well the back pain became too much for me so my mom took me to see a chiropractor and gradually the pain went away.  Now I see Dr. Collins as much as possible."

Matthew W. (hockey player/window and door installer)

"Since I have been coming here, I have gone back 10 years in time!  My students have a happier teacher, and one who is able to inflict greater amounts of torture and giggles in each class!  I am now the teacher I should have always been, and will dance forever!!!"

Donna (dance instructor)

"I came to Dr. Collins after being in a motor vehicle accident.  He was quickly able to assess the mulitple areas that needed work and eased the immediate pain and/or discomfort that I would be experiencing each visit.  I was also impressed with his practice of a different method of pain relief that proves to be very effective.  It's amazing how my body responds to this alternate method of chiropractic.  The chronic pain has all but disappeared and I am noticing more when I don't feel pain, which is wonderful!  With my exercises and routine visits, my back health has improved immensely."

Denise H. (mother and healing practitioner)

"I was always suffering from back pain until I came to have a treatment from Dr. Collins.  I was also afraid to have a treatment from a Chiropractor because the first Chiropractor I had was too hard on me.  I am so glad and happy with Dr. Collins' treatment because I'm not scared of Chiropractors anymore and the most important thing is my back is without pain.  I feel good.  he is an excellent, kind, and friendly doctor.  Thanks Dr. Collins and staff!"

Gabriela M. (Custodian)

"My hip popped out of place from dancing.  I got it assessed and was told to come to a chiropractor.  My father recommended me to Dr. Collins.  I'm so happy with the service here!  My hip has improved significantly and keeps getting better with each visit.  The staff here is very friendly, always smiling!  Also, I like how their appointments are very short and flexible so it's easy to fit into my busy schedule! "

Sierra (student and dancer)

"I am a 24 year old female who has had constant back pain since I was about 16.  I finally reached the point where it was limiting me daily, especially at work; and it changed the way I used to do things.  After coming to see Dr. Collins, I feel relief finally!  I am not in constant pain anymore and I feel like I can begin doing the things I used to love doing without worrying  whether it was going to "hurt my back"  Thank you so much."

Kristen (X-ray Technician)

Neck Pain

"Since I began my adjustments I can turn my head to the left or right without any pain which makes my driving easier.  The pain in my right shoulder and right arm has been alleviated, and the strength in my right hand has returned so that I can grasp objects.  Living without pain has also improved my disposition."

Stacey K. (Teacher)

"I came to Dr. Collins when I was experiencing numbness and pain throughout my body.  It was assessed by Dr. Collins that the issue was due to my neck. Since seeing Dr. Collins, in a short time span I have felt no more numbness and greater strength and flexibility in my neck.  I have a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Collins for everything he has done for me."



"The headaches I use to get every day have decreased drastically.  I don't go through a bottle of Advil a week anymore!"

Dania K. (Social Worker and Student)

"I sleep a lot better, less frequent migraines, more concentration, better moods."

Melissa B.

"I started having migraine headaches and conventional methods were not working.  I thought chiropractic care was an alternative medicine I didn't need to explore.  My migraines went away and that was enough to convince me."

Terry C.

"I suffered with neck pain and headaches for as long as I can remember. Seen specialists, had tests done, been on medications only to be told, there is nothing wrong, tests came back normal. Then I met Dr. Collins at my gym, talked to him and decided to give chiropractic care a try. What a dramatic improvement! If only I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have had to suffer all those years."

Janice A. (full-time mother)

Hip Pain

"I started going to Dr. Collins a few months ago. I was in pain and hoped he could help. I was very impressed with the thorough examination including x-rays, balance tests and much more to get a full picture of what was going on with my injury and my body as a whole. Since then, my pain has almost disappeared and I am able to run long distances without being laid up for days after. If you want to see someone who is knowledgeable, straight forward and caring, check out Dr. Collins."

Carrie (Manager Supplement Store)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

"I had so much pain in my right hand that I could not hold a pen or cup.  My MD told me I had carpal tunnel and told me to wear a hand brace and take prescription anti-inflammatory medication.  I did not know what to expect when i saw a chiropractor for the first time, however Dr. Collins was very calming and infromative.  Nothing he did in my treatment was painful.  Within just a few visirts my hand was actually better!  Dr. Collins knew I did not have carpal tunnel.  he actually had me x-rayed (which my MD never did) and found that I had degeneration in my neck.  The bone spurs were pressing on the nerve that affected my whole arm.  That was ten years ago.  As I have aged, a few more symptoms have cropped up but Dr. Collins has always "nipped them in the bud".  Dr. Collins also makes sure that your emotional health stays in good working order along with the physical."

Linda H. (business owner and manager)


"Around my 20th week of pregnancy with my first child, I was informed that he was in the Frank breech position (feet up by his ears). I required many ultrasounds for my pregnancy, and each time it was confirmed that he was still in the Frank breech position week after week. My doula and I tried many methods to try to get him to flip, but nothing worked. We tried shining a light down in my lower abdomen, playing music down below, and trying to get gravity to help by using elevation techniques. Finally, she gave me a website with listings of chiropractors trained in something called the Webster's Technique. This chiropractic technique apparently had a very high success rate of flipping breech babies. I really wanted to avoid the c-section my OB was telling me I was heading towards if the baby didn't flip, so I eagerly made an appointment with Dr. Collins.

Staff at the clinic are amazing and very kind. Dr. Collins is extremely warm and personable, and really took the time to explain everything to me. I was placed on a special table to accommodate my large belly (by this time I was well into my third trimester), and he performed the technique on me. It didn't hurt at all!

I didn't feel any different right away, but later that night I KNEW something was happening. I was making supper when I felt the landscape of my stomach suddenly change. I looked down and saw waves of movement across my belly, and this was followed by a strong pressure against my cervix area. I called out to my husband in surprise, as my stomach felt SO different from how it had previously. About an hour later I felt the baby hiccup in my lower stomach instead of under my breasts. He'd flipped-I just knew it!

I have since had the technique done twice more, and I will continue with it until I deliver. I am now 32 weeks pregnant, and I am optimistic that I now have a great shot at avoiding a c-section thanks to Dr. Collins!

I recommend Dr. Collins and the Webster's Technique to any pregnant woman out there who has been told by her OB to expect a c-section due to a breech baby."

Michelle G H (soon to be Mom)


"Having basically forgotten/give up on the fertility side of things, I actually came to Dr. Collins to see if he could help with some relatively minor backache and stiffness.  Within the first few treatments the stiffness had all but vanished but I continued with the treatment plan on the basis of the long term benefits.  To my shock and amazement, 3 months into my visits, I found out I was pregnant.  The only change in my lifestyle had been regualr chiropractic visits. After 5 years of being in the fertility treatment roller coaster (injectable hormones, exploratory surgery, and 11 failed inter-uterine insemminations) we were "suddenly" pregnant!  I believe 100% that my treatments with Dr. Collins are what brought about this happy long awaited event.

I have continued seeing Dr. Collins throughout the pregnancy and look forward to a speedy labour and delivery to go in hand with the uncomplicated easy "mostly" painfree pregnancy."


Children and Chiropractic Care

"My daughter was 5 years old and suffered from acid reflux and stomach problems.  She was constantly ill and nauseated, missing school, and withdrawn.  She couldn't eat much of anything and was generally unhappy.  She caught every cold that drifted by her and was unbelievably sick a minimum of 10 days every single time.  Doctors put her on very expensive medications on 3 month cycles, which only relieved a few of the symptoms.  We would finish the medciation and all symptoms would return within days.  It was a vicious cycle.

I brought my daughter to Dr. Collins to try an alternate type of treatment.  I had just recently started seeing him myself for other conditions and things were going well, so I thought what to I have to lose?  After just 3 treatments it was like a whole new child emerged.  All symptoms vanished.  There were smiles and laughter and she was sleeping soundly at night.  She was eating all types of foods and was happy.  Her confidence picked up, and she was outgoing and energetic.  I kept the recommended treatment schedule and to this day she is still in great shape and no longer gets sick from every little cold that passes by, in fact she is rarely ever sick at all.  It is truly amazing.  She is now 7 and we still come for maintenance treatments to make sure she stays this way.  If I wait too long in between appointments, she tells me by how she is feeling when it is time to go and see "Dr. Dean."  There are no words to describe how chiropractic treatment has improved the quality of life for my daughter.  I would recommend anyone suffering from these symptoms to try this alternate form of treatment."

Stacey M. (daughter Teagan)

"Complained his back was always sore. Turned out he was starting with scoliosis.  Bi-weekly visits keep his spine straight and has helped with diving and improved form.  Sleeps better and has been concentrating (most days) for school and homework."

Dawn L. (son Nicolas)


"Within a couple weeks I no longer had breathing troubles and didn't need my inhaler anymore.  I also had more energy and overall felt better.  I didn't realize it at the time but I wasn't getting sick as often and my depression went away.  It's been a completely different qulaity of life since I started under care."

Meghann B. (full-time mother)